Integrated-instructions for AQA Required Practicals

AQA Chemistry Required Practicals – Integrated Instruction Document

I have put together ‘integrated-instructions’ for all of the practicals AQA have published to support teachers in carrying out the AQA Required Practicals. These practicals are equally valid for students studying other exam boards specifications, such as OCR Gateway and Twenty First Century Science. (More details on my research on intergrated instructions here.)


I have produced these as there will be many teachers who are using these practicals as a first port of call. However, as many have pointed out over the years, there is no requirement to use the particular practicals AQA have published. Indeed, AQA now make this very clear on the front page of their handbook:

Please note: it is the Apparatus and techniques requirements which are compulsory and must be fulfilled. Teachers are encouraged to adapt or develop activities, resources and contexts to suit their equipment and to provide the appropriate level of engagement and challenge for their own students.

As such, the practicals given in the Handbooks don’t need to be used. Indeed, the first practical in my integrated instructions doesn’t completely follow the AQA method, as the ‘CLEAPSS method’ produces equivalent result with lower hazards and is much faster. I have kept to the AQA methods for the remainder, but there are better methods available for most. For example, there are plenty of other equally valid practicals available, especially from RSC on LearnChemistry, and from CLEAPSS and SSERC. OCR have also put together a list of suggested activities to cover their Practical Activity Groups.



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